Rent a Tesla Model Y with STARCAR

In addition to gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles, our fleet also includes numerous electric cars such as the new Tesla Model Y


The latest technologies in the automotive industry, such as electromobility, are important to us. That is why at STARCAR you can rent the Tesla Model Y and drive in an environmentally friendly way. This means you can rent a vehicle from us that allows you to travel comfortably and with zero emissions. Rent the Tesla Model Y from STARCAR and benefit from these advantages:

  • Flexible rental periods: from one day to long-term rental
  • All rates already include electricity for daily and weekly rentals
  • Free parking in many cities thanks to e-license plates
  • Reduced company car tax (0.25% of the gross list price)

Our new rental car: the Tesla Model Y

Tesla's latest Model Y is a spacious electric SUV. Look forward to lots of driving fun in one of the most innovative electric vehicles on the market. Would you like to rent a vehicle to travel with several people? Or do you need a large loading area? Then the Tesla Model Y is exactly the right vehicle for you. As is typical for Tesla, you will hardly find any buttons in this SUV because almost everything is controlled via the large 15-inch touchscreen. You can still look forward to these highlights:

  • Fast acceleration: From 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.0 seconds
  • Maximum range: Up to 500 kilometers
  • Better safe than sorry: Automatic emergency braking, collision warning, lane change assistant, parking assistant
  • Option for autonomous driving
  • Concert atmosphere thanks to the sound field audio system

Fast charging thanks to Supercharger

If you rent the Tesla Model Y, you can look forward to a range of up to 500 kilometers. Is this range not enough for you? No problem: Charging the Tesla is child's play. Tesla has a global charging network that allows you to charge your rental car anywhere. You can see the charging stations along your route on the large touchscreen in the cockpit. At many locations, especially near the highway, there are so-called Superchargers. After just 30 minutes you will reach a battery capacity of 80% and can continue your journey with the Tesla Model Y.

STARCAR Tesla Modell Y

STARCAR: Germany's most popular car rental company

Choose STARCAR and rent the Tesla Model Y from Germany's most popular car rental company. TESTBILD has once again recognized us as the best car rental company with a high level of professional competence and customer orientation in 2021. So it goes without saying that you will be instructed when you pick up your rental vehicle. You can aks us all important questions while we introduce the car to you. By the way: If you have decided to rent the Tesla Model Y from STARCAR, you do not have to return the vehicle fully charged as usual. A remaining battery level of 15% is sufficient.

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