Rent a Mercedes AMG

Vehicles not available in all stations!
Mercedes Benz CLA AMGThe image shows an example vehicle.


Mercedes AMG

MB E 53 AMG COUPE or similar

Driving experience
At least five years
Minimum age25 years
CDW/Liability Reduction/Deductible

A powerful rental car from STARCAR

Do you want to drive a sports car with lots of horsepower? Then rent a Mercedes AMG from STARCAR! The high-performance brand from Mercedes-Benz is one of the most powerful vehicles in our rental car fleet. Whether as a wedding car, company car or birthday surprise: with our affordable car rental service, you can rent a Mercedes AMG at top conditions. 


Renting an AMG: sleek sports cars & elegant limousines

Would you like to rent an AMG? At STARCAR you can expect high-performance sports cars with first-class handling such as the Mercedes GT 63S AMG and elegant SUVs such as the MB AMG GLE 53. Simply use the drop-down menu to select the rental car you want from our luxury car category and enjoy the comfort of luxury!

MB AMG rental with STARCAR: It is possible that the selected vehicle is not available at the desired time. In this case, you will receive an equivalent replacement. Please bring your identification documents, your driver's license and, if applicable, the reservation confirmation with you on the day of the rental. Please note: To rent a Mercedes AMG from our VIP series, you must be at least 25 years old and have at least one year's driving experience.

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