Rent an electric car

Would you like to rent an electric car at a reasonable price?

More and more car owners in Germany are rethinking the concept of emission-free mobility with electromobility, while protecting the environment. STARCAR has long been committed to alternative driving systems and we are continuing along this path: In addition to numerous "pure" electric cars, you can also rent the very popular (plug-in) hybrids, i.e. cars that are powered by an additional electric motor, from us. Our various rental models are perfect for anyone who wants to switch to electric mobility but is not yet sure whether they can handle an electric car.  Our electric fleet is sure to have the right vehicle for you. STARCAR is your electric car rental company that is fully committed to the future - and always remains affordable when it comes to electric car rental. Just as you know it from us.


  • Many rates already include an electricity flat rate (does not apply to monthly e-deals).
  • Free public parking in many cities thanks to e-license plates.
  • Reduced company car tax for commercial use.
  • Flexible rental periods from one day to several months.


Monthly rental: Simply book our electric cars for a whole month - or several. You can travel emission-free every month. Whether it's a perfect city car like our Smart EQ, a spacious SUV like the Aiways U5 or the sporty Tesla models. We have the right vehicle for you. And the best thing is: if your needs change over time, you can simply switch to another vehicle group. Would you like to use our e-vehicles as company cars? Thanks to the reduced non-cash benefit of just 0.25-0.5% of the gross list price, you save money every month when using them for business purposes.


Renault ZOE The little Frenchman is the classic among e-cars. The compact Renault ZOE has been whizzing along Europe's roads for some time now and has become a popular electric car. Just 4 meters long, agile and with a range of almost 400 kilometers, the ZOE is the ideal electric car for city driving. And the Renault also impresses on longer journeys at over 130 km/h. At STARCAR you can rent the Renault ZOE at affordable conditions.


Tesla Model 3
Discover Tesla's innovative technology with the Model 3 sedan: with acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.4 seconds, even sports car fans will get their money's worth. Additional features such as increased safety thanks to the metal structure, automatic emergency braking, audio system with concert atmosphere and collision protection thanks to ultrasonic sensors make the Tesla a car in a class of its own, with which you also make a valuable contribution to emission-free mobility. With a range of over 400 kilometers, nothing is standing in your way! Rent the Tesla Model 3 from STARCAR at the usual affordable conditions!


Tesla Model Y
The electric SUV is not only one of the most modern electric vehicles on the market - it also combines driving pleasure, a spacious interior with plenty of room for several people and a practical load compartment. An impressive range of around 400 kilometers is included, as well as automatic emergency braking, park assist, collision warning, sound field audio system and an option for autonomous driving. User-friendliness is also at the forefront of this electric car: as is typical for Tesla, almost everything is controlled centrally via touchscreen. At STARCAR you can rent the Model Y at affordable conditions.



Electric cars and hybrids complement our vehicle fleet, which is always geared towards the needs of our customers. So: If you want to rent an electric car, STARCAR is the right place for you, because with us you can drive into the future at low cost! Book your vehicle online or at one of our nationwide rental stations.

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