Rent a Renault ZOE

Electric cars and hybrids are also part of STARCAR's vehicle fleet. We introduce you to the Renault ZOE.

Are you already familiar with electric cars or would you like to get to know this new technology? Then STARCAR is the right place for you: we focus on emission-free rental vehicles and always have the latest electric cars and hybrids on offer.

Your advantages
  • With us, you can rent electric cars such as the Renault ZOE at our usual low prices.
  • You can use Europe's largest charging network for your rental vehicle via our partner Shell Recharge.
  • What's more, you can charge your electric car free of charge!


The Renault ZOE is the classic among all electric cars. Since its launch, the small French car has become the most popular electric car in Europe. In Germany, it ranks first among new registrations for electric vehicles. Why is that? The ZOE combines low power consumption, maneuverability and a range of almost 400 kilometers, making it perfect for both city driving and longer distances. Silent drive, state-of-the-art equipment and a top speed of over 130 km/h ensure driving pleasure. At STARCAR you can rent the Renault ZOE at affordable prices.



Many drivers are reluctant to rent an e-car because they fear problems with charging:

  • Where do I charge the vehicle?
    Through our partner Shell Recharge, you have access to over 125,000 public charging stations across Europe.
  • How does charging work?
    Unlock the charging station with the charging chip, connect the charging cable and charge.
  • What does it cost me?
    As mentioned above: Charging is free!

So charging is possible everywhere, easy and above all free of charge. You can find detailed information on charging your electric rental car here:



We are aware that there is not always time to recharge the electric vehicle before returning the rental car. If you rent a Renault ZOE or another electric car from STARCAR, you don't have to fully charge the car - just bring it back to us with at least 15 percent of the battery remaining!

For those who return the electric car fully charged, we have a reward: you will receive a discount voucher of 10 euros that you can use when you rent a Renault ZOE (or any other vehicle, of course) from us again.


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