Move into the future with us as your agency partner

If you want to secure your success, then rely on the partner who will move your business forward. As a STARCAR agency partner, you can take your car rental business to the next level and benefit from our strong brand.

STARCAR Partnernetzwerk


STARCAR Car Rental and the EUROPA SERVICE car rental license network grew into the STARCAR Europa Service Group in 2018.
In Germany alone, we offer a nationwide network for private and professional mobility needs with over 30 corporate locations in 13 major cities and various independently operating partners.
Anyone who knows us knows that we are not just any car rental company, but that we are also working on constantly changing mobility requirements.

In order to make mobility even more convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, we are always striving to develop comprehensive digital strategies. And this is exactly what our customers appreciate: After all, we are repeatedly recognized for our customer service, for example by Focus Money as "Germany's Best" car rental company or with four test wins in the TESTBILD Top Service Quality Test in the car rental category.

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Why you should count on us as a partner

STARCAR offers you the best prospects for asserting yourself in a highly competitive market.

Growing and greater sales potential
  • in the insurer/insurance sector
  • through more sales channels
  • with expansion of the private and business customer sector
  • or one-way rental
Boost your success and benefit from the STARCAR brand name through
  • centralized marketing management from our head office in Hamburg
  • various online marketing measures including a strong social media presence
  • Sponsoring measures, e.g. in sport and culture, increase your reach
Take advantage of our know-how as a car rental company with decades of experience and become part of it. We offer you
  • a central, innovative, flexible IT department that is available to you at any time in House
  • the integration of your STARCAR rental station on our existing website
  • our centrally managed marketing; you do not need to worry about any advertising measures.
  • a range of specialist training courses for your employees; we organize, we plan
  • uniform advertising material for your STARCAR agency creates an immediate recognition value

How to become an agency partner with STARCAR

Your way to us is easy: Convince us with a application including your CV - we will check your documents and get back to you.
Do your experience and knowledge match our requirements profile? Are you also a committed, service-oriented entrepreneur?
Then simply send us your complete details online.
We look forward to hearing from you!

You have at least three years of professional experience in a managerial role in the automotive industry, ideally in the rental sector.
The store area should be at least 20 square meters and have space for at least two workstations. It must be possible to install a night drop in accordance with STARCAR guidelines as well as a STARCAR-compliant telecommunications structure. The remaining term of your lease should be at least three years with an option to extend. You should also have 20 parking spaces available.
Your rental station needs to be highly visible and have a well-frequented infrastructure. In addition, accessibility - also by public transport - must be guaranteed.
They have at least two full-time permanent employees, including the owner, and an appropriate pool of part-time staff.
The STARCAR opening hours apply.
Our agency contract requires the possibility of installing an illuminated advertising sign and a pylon or beach flag (provided that these measures are possible from an official and on-site perspective).
The counter offers space for at least three employees. The look will be designed after consultation.
For existing companies, we expect to see the last three annual financial statements/balance sheets.

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