Traveling by car in North Rhine-Westphalia: Our car rental in Bünde is the ideal starting point if you need a temporary vehicle whether for a trip to the nearest airport, a move, a short vacation or a business trip to nearby cities such as Bielefeld. As in all of our STARCAR stations throughout Germany, you can also benefit from our top conditions, our large fleet of rental cars and our first-class service. Secure your rental car today!




Holzhauser Straße 157
32257 Bünde
Phone: 0171 / 7 436 777

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 18:30
Sat: 09:00 - 12:00
Sun: 09:00 - 10:00

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Welcome to STARCAR: Book the perfect car for your needs at our car rental office in Bünde. It's quick and easy: Reservations can be made flexibly either online, with a phone call or directly on site. All we need from you is a few key details: First, enter the start and planned end of the rental, the approximate planned kilometers and the respective STARCAR stations for pick-up and drop-off. Then decide on the vehicle group that suits your plans perfectly. Do you have any other requests, for example, would you like to specify an additional driver or add a navigation system or practical moving equipment to your reservation? You can also add this to your request. As soon as we have received your details, we will check availability and then send you a reservation confirmation without delay. And that's it you can now collect your rental car from our car rental office in Bünde on the agreed date!



Get in and drive off: Anyone renting a car naturally wants to get on the road quickly. To ensure a quick and smooth handover, we would like to ask you to bring these documents with you to our car rental office in Bünde: 


  • a valid driver's license
  • German ID or passport with registration certificate
  • Credit, debit or EC card depending on the vehicle group reserved. Please note: We do not accept prepaid credit cards
  • Driver: internal and company card (if you rent a 7.49to/12to or 5.25to with AHK commercially)

Important: The minimum age varies within the vehicle groups. For example, a minimum age of 25 years applies to the rental of STARCAR luxury cars and many of our convertibles.



Completely satisfied customers that is particularly important to us at STARCAR. This is precisely why, since our foundation in Hamburg over 30 years ago, we have not only focused on attractive conditions, but also on comprehensive services. We are now represented throughout Germany and are proud to regularly receive awards that illustrate our customer proximity. How may we advise you? Would you like a comprehensive introduction to the unfamiliar vehicle model when you pick it up? Do you have questions about insurance, cancelation or our conditions? Our competent service team will be happy to help you! You are also welcome to contact the team at our centrally located and easily accessible car rental office in Bünde directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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