Rent a moving truck

Hire a moving truck from STARCAR: affordable, fast and reliable

Would you like to organize your move yourself at a reasonable price? Then you should not only make sure you have enough helpers, but also hire a moving truck. At STARCAR you are guaranteed to find the right vehicle in our extensive rental car fleet to transport your household safely. Whether a spacious car for a few moving boxes, a Mercedes Vito or a Sprinter for a slightly larger household or even a 12-ton truck- at STARCAR you will find a suitable van or truck without a problem. Choose the right vehicle group and benefit from our top rental offers!

Hire a van as a moving van 
Vans are ideal if you need a rather compact vehicle. In our group 02 of trucks, for example, you will find a Mercedes Citan or Vito. These vans have a loading area of around 1.7 x 1.2 x 1.3 meters and offer enough space for a smaller move.

B / 3
approx. 1.0 t

Rent a Sprinter for a two-person household 
Is your move the size of a two- to three-room household? Then it's best to hire a Sprinter from our Group 04, such as a Mercedes, a VW Crafter or a Ford Transit. These rental vans can transport up to 1.1 tons on a loading area of around 3.3 x 1.8 x 1.85 meters.

B / 3
0,8 - 1,1 t

Moving trucks for the whole family
Our Group 06 moving trucks offer you even more space. Hire a moving van such as the Mercedes Sprinter with a box-type van body or a comparable vehicle with a loading area of 4.1 x 2.1 x 2.1 meters to transport a larger household safely and at affordable rates.

B / 3
approx. 0.8 t

Rent a truck for large transports
Do you need a moving truck with an even larger load volume? Our fleet of vehicles also includes trucks up to 12 tons, for example from Mercedes, Iveco or MAN. All you need is a class C (or 2) driver's license and at least three years of driving experience.

C / 2
approx. 6 t

Simple and convenient: How to rent your moving truck from STARCAR

At STARCAR you are sure to find the ideal rental car for your move. Have you decided on a vehicle? Then use our convenient online service to complete the rental. Specify the rental period and select the rental station where you would like to pick up the car. You will then receive a concrete offer for your car. Would you like to register an additional driver for the rental, need a vehicle with a trailer coupling or require extras such as a practical navigation system, packing blankets or moving boxes on the day of the move? Simply book these add-ons online. At the end of the booking process, all you need to do is enter your personal details and your move can begin. 

Tip: Essential for a stress-free move: no-parking zones ensure you have a space for loading and unloading. If you rent a moving truck from STARCAR, you can easily book the signs and permit at the same time.

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