Rent a BMW i3

Electric cars are on the rise - get to know the BMW i3 with STARCAR.

Whether you are already familiar with the new technology or would like to get to know electric vehicles - you've come to the right place:

  • STARCAR rents out electric cars at no extra cost compared to similar combustion engine models
  • With our partner Shell Recharge, we offer you Europe's largest charging network - so your mobility is guaranteed.
  • No expensive refueling, but free charging! You can charge your STARCAR rental car free of charge.

As you can see: We make renting an electric car as affordable and convenient as possible. Read more about the new additions to our fleet, the BMW i3 and the BMW i3s, below.


Would you like to rent a BMW i3 or BMW i3s?

When you rent a BMW i3 or BMW i3s, you are choosing an electric car that cuts a fine figure both in city traffic and on long journeys, because its range is impressive: With the i3 model, you can drive 282 to 399 kilometers; with the i3s, the range is even 296 to 410 kilometers (the practical range may vary). As you would expect from a BMW, there is no shortage of dynamics. With 170 hp (125 KW) or 184 hp (135KW), you can look forward to lots of driving pleasure - with the fascination of an almost silent drive. Read here how easy the BMW i3 and BMW i3s are to drive:

BMW i3


The special extra for our customers:

  • You don't need to fully charge your electric car when you return it. You will receive the car with a charge level of 90 to 100 percent when you rent it. You only need to return it with a remaining battery level of at least 15 percent. We will take care of the full charge!
  • If you return the e-vehicle fully charged, we will reward you with a discount voucher worth 10 euros for your next rental with STARCAR!

Charge your BMW i3 for free and wherever you want

STARCAR is a pioneer when it comes to electromobility. That's why we make it as easy as possible for you to rent a BMW i3 or i3s. After all, we want to get you excited about e-mobility. As already mentioned, charging electric vehicles at STARCAR is free of charge. In addition, the handling is also totally uncomplicated: The e-cars are equipped with a charging cable and charging chip on the vehicle key. You can use this chip to unlock the charging station and recharge as required. You can find all information about charging here:


Rent an electric car with STARCAR

Fancy a BMW i3 or a BMW i3s? Then rent your next electric car from your affordable car rental STARCAR. Book online now, give us a call or visit us at one of our rental stations. STARCAR wishes you a safe journey with your electric car!

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