STARCAR car rental Leverkusen

With STARCAR car rental in Leverkusen, you have a reliable partner at your side if you need a cheap rental car in North Rhine-Westphalia. Don't have your own car and need a vehicle for a few days to run errands? Are you about to move house in Leverkusen? Or do you need a rental car to drive to the nearby airport? At STARCAR car rental in Leverkusen, you can choose between small cars, station wagons, vans, multi-seaters, electric cars and many other vehicles. You'll find a rental car that perfectly suits your plans and gives you flexibility in and around Leverkusen.




Torstraße 2
51381 Leverkusen
Phone: 02171/34 58 508

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 17:00
Sat: 09:00 - 12:00
Sun: Closed

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Leverkusen: Book a rental car with STARCAR

Have you decided to book a rental car with STARCAR? Then we have good news for you! You can book your rental car online with us. This means that you can not only book the vehicle you need from home, but also spontaneously while on the road. To hire a rental car, first enter the dates. Then enter the planned kilometers. Don't worry - a rough estimate is sufficient at this point. In the next step, we ask you to enter the locations where you would like to collect and return your rental car. You will see which rental cars are available at your location in Leverkusen on the day of pick-up. Once you have decided on a vehicle group, you can then choose between various extras. These include, for example, various protection options and the addition of a navigation system as well as additional drivers when renting a car in Leverkusen. The latter is recommended if you need a rental car for a longer distance and want to take turns driving in between.


Pick up your rental car in Leverkusen: What you need to know

Have you booked a rental car with STARCAR in Leverkusen? Then please remember to have the following documents on hand when you pick up your vehicle:

  • Driver's license
  • German identity card or passport with registration certificate
  • Credit, debit or EC card depending on the vehicle group. Note: We do not accept prepaid credit cards
  • Driver and company card if you are a company customer

STARCAR car rental: What sets us apart

Get to know our famous customer service! Reliable and always service-oriented, we are at your side for car rental at every location in Germany, including Leverkusen. Our employees will be happy to advise you on the selection of your rental car. Our aim is for you to book a rental car that perfectly suits your plans. By the way: We were recognized by TESTBILD 2021 for our service quality and high level of expertise. If you would also like to benefit from this excellent service, we look forward to welcoming you to our car rental office in Leverkusen.

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