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Whether for a move or for transporting heavy, bulky items for events and the like: our rental service not only has sprinters and vans for you, you can also rent a truck from STARCAR! Booking is quick and easy for both private and corporate customers. On top of that, you get our top rates, our competent service and the fully digital rental process. Whether it's a 12-ton truck or a maneuverable moving van with a lifting platform: pay us a visit at a branch near you or book your vehicle online now!

As with our cars and vans, at STARCAR you also benefit from attractive special offers if you want to rent a truck. You can also enjoy our large selection of different vehicle types. 

Good to know: If you want to rent a truck from us, you do not reserve an explicit model, but a vehicle category. This allows us to process your booking quickly and flexibly.

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Large vans without an extra driver's license
Our Group 06 contains the largest vehicles that you can still drive with a class B (or 3) driver's license. The star of this category: the MB Sprinter box van - without lifting platform. At 4.1 x 2.1 x 2.1 meters, you can safely store large furniture and the like. This model is particularly suitable as a moving van.


Transporter with lifting platform
Do you need a lifting platform to lift heavy objects into the vehicle? Then you should take a look at the 06H group. These Sprinters come with a liftling platform to take the work off your hands.


Our small trucks 
Starting from group 07 and onward you need an extra driving license class to drive these trucks. In this category you will find 5-ton trucks such as the MB Sprinter box, which is ideal for transporting event objects such as small stages from A to B.



Our impressive 7.5-ton trucks
Group 08 - here come our 7.5-ton trucks! Your big plans will definitely find powerful support with a vehicle like the MB Atego. The loading area has a length of six meters. There should certainly be room for everything you want to transport. Please note: If you want to rent this truck, we require at least three years of driving experience. 



Our 12-ton trucks
The largest of our fleet can be found in group 09. Our proud 12-ton trucks stow your furniture, moving boxes, kitchens, stages, instruments and any other items effortlessly on 7.0 x 2.4 x 2.4 meters! To be able to hire a truck from this category, you should have three years of driving experience. 




Renting a truck from STARCAR is quick and easy. Select your desired vehicle and the beginning and end of your rental period conveniently online from home. Come to your preferred rental location on the specified date and pick up your vehicle. All you need is:

  • a valid ID or passport (with a confirmation of registration)
  • the driving license required for the vehicle
  • Your credit card; as a rule, we also accept EC cards and, under certain conditions and by prior arrangement, cash as well
  • a driver's and company card (if you are renting a 7.49to/12to or 5.25to with trailer coupling commercially)

If you wish to hire a truck from us, you will receive a short briefing on the vehicle for your own safety, which you can simply return to the agreed return point when the work is done.

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