Transporter rental in Essen

If you need to transport bulky items or are moving house and don't have a vehicle with a large loading area in the garage, the solution is a rental transporter. If you need a cheap moving van, STARCAR is your solution! With us, you can rent transporters in Essen at reasonable prices and can look forward to the best service, regardless of whether you want to hire a panel van, Sprinter or even a 12-ton truck.




Gladbecker Str. 18
45141 Essen
Phone: 0201/747282- 0
Fax: 0201/747282-20

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 18:30
Sat: 09:00 - 12:00
Sun: 09:00 - 10:00

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Rent transporters at top conditions

When moving and transporting other items, the vehicle is often only needed for a manageable period of time - which is why we also offer you the option of renting your transporter in Essen by the hour:


  • Do you only need a small van? Then hire the MB Citan (vehicle group 1)
  • Do you have a smaller move to manage? Then the MB Sprinter (vehicle group 4) could be the right choice.
  • Or do you have a larger household to transport? Then the MB Sprinter Long (vehicle group 5) is the right choice for you.

Students travel particularly cheaply with us: if you rent a van overnight in Essen, you can benefit from a 20 percent discount on presentation of your student ID.

IMPORTANT: A minimum of one year's driving experience is required to hire a van.


How quickly you can rent a van in Essen

Of course, you can also book our vehicles over the phone or in person at our car rental office - but it's quicker and more convenient online. Your rental car is reserved in just a few steps:

  • Enter the rental period and the expected number of kilometers
  • Select the rental station and vehicle group
  • Order optional extras (e.g. trailer coupling) and accessories (see below)
  • Enter your personal details

Our staff will now check your entries and you will then receive a reservation confirmation.

You should have the following documents ready when collecting the van


  • Driver's license
  • German identity card (or passport including registration certificate)
  • Credit, debit or EC card (prepaid credit cards are not accepted)

Accessories: Useful helpers from STARCAR

Anyone who wants to move usually has their hands full and wants to worry as little as possible about other things. That's why STARCAR often has the supplies you need when you rent a van in Essen:

We offer wheel dogs, sack trucks, stair carts, tension belts, blankets and boxes for little money.

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