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Can efficient digital booking processes be combined with the promise of a personal contact person? Of course - we have now solved this requirement with a messaging service. This does not use chatbots, but enables us to respond personally to your inquiry.


We are the first car rental company to offer messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Message, to all customers for vehicle bookings. Anyone who saves the number 01573-5997273 as a contact will now always have STARCAR on their device and can book via WhatsApp at any time.

In order to offer this service in compliance with data protection regulations, we work with a messaging partner that securely connects not only WhatsApp but also other channels such as Instagram, Facebook and SMS via a tested API. Incoming requests are processed by our team, converted into a reservation just in time and sent to you as a confirmation.
Following the successful introduction of vehicle bookings, we will gradually make other departments accessible to you via messaging. For example, payment services, damage reports and much more could become possible in order to continuously simplify and improve your experience at STARCAR.
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