by Niklas van Lipzig

100% Consensus

18+   |   2024   |   5 episodes   |   Mockumentary

Puma had Jay Z, Louis Vuitton has Pharrell Williams. Powerful brands bring celebrities on board to secure their place in the Love Brands Hall of Fame. That’s why STARCAR now has Niklas van Lipzig. The self-proclaimed „marketing wrecking ball“ is the new Creative Director of the only car rental company that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

On the other hand, STARCAR takes its mission quite seriously: all in for its customers. And the passionate medium-sized company does this at eye level and without any fancy-pants attitude. This is exactly where Niklas comes into play and has a free hand to give STARCAR’s unconventional character a sharp face. But he has one thing above all: absolutely no idea.


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Episode 1

I’ll take over the boom.

The press conference for the presentation of the new Creative Director by the management and marketing department. Just this much in advance: it’s going to be awesome.

Duration: 6 Minutes

Episode 2

Small paws, big dreams.

In the first creative meeting, motivation machine Niklas gets the team on track with constructive ideas and unbeatable creative depth.

Duration: 11 Minutes

Episode 3

Let’s FU***NG go! Right?

During the shoot, Niklas proves that he can rely on his talent for improvisation and that he has everything under control, even when things don’t go quite as planned.

Duration: 13 Minutes

Episode 4

Flop, a broad term

In the feedback meeting, the marketing team presents initial evaluations and puts the creative director’s professional optimism to the test.

Duration: 5 Minutes

Episode 5

Annual report for free

Whether it’s license plates or key figures, no problem for Business Management-Niklas, whose creative flair allows him to perform convincingly off the cuff.

Duration: 1 Minute